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Why Choose Cork Flooring

Cork is excellent for insulation & soundproofing. It has a warm feel while absorbing and retaining the heat of its surroundings for a period of time. Cork absorbs sound and limits echoing effects.


Featured Styles

Silent Cork PE and Silent Cork CR is 100% agglomerated cork roll underlay with included PE moisture barrier for impact noise and thermal insulation of floating floors.

Long Term Resilience • Very Flexible • Increases Thermal Insulation • Impact Sound Reduction • Great Durability

Available Sizes: 1m x 10m x 2mm / 40" x 33' x 5/64"

National Hardwood Sound Controlling Cork

Cork Info

Cork comes from the bark of the Cork oak tree which grows in the forests of Mediterranean countries. The largest concentration of plantations are found in Spain and Portugal. Cork trees are stripped of their bark every 9-14 years. The tree is never cut and the habitat remains undisturbed.

Cork Production

After the bark is stripped from the Cork Oak tree, they are stacked into piles and left to "season" in the field for one year.

The seasoned bark is then tied together and boiled. This flattens the bark so that it can be easily processed. After is has been cooled, the cork is sorted according to quality for varying uses.

Sound Ratings

Sound ratings are the result of measuring the amount of sound transmitted from room to room. Ratings are determined by the reduction of noise by the addition of material such as Cork underlayment. The higher the number the better the sound reduction. There are two main classes of ratings: STC (Sound Transmission Class) - airborne sound, and IIC (Impact Insulation Class) - sound of impact of floor.

Cork Tree

Sound Ratings For
6mm Castle Cork Underlayment

Subfloor Floor Covering STC IIC
6" Reinforced Concrete Hardwood 55 60
6" Reinforced Concrete Ceramic tile 54 59
8" Reinforced Concrete Hardwood 57 63
8" Reinforced Concrete Ceramic Tile 57 61
Wood Joist With Plywood Structure Hardwood 55 61
Wood Joist With Plywood Structure Ceramic Tile 55 59

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